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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

what i wouldn't give for photographic memory right now

board review isn't going as quickly, or as memorably (haha!) as i thought.

i'm glad that the boards force us to go back to the basics, things we've studied before, but forgot. :) things are easier to understand (but not necessarily remember, haha!) after seeing patients and prescribing meds.

ANG DAMI lang talaga. even if we were given six months to study all this, kulang pa rin. also, some of the things we read about for board review were never taken up while we were in med school. pero kung iisipin mo/the way it's talked about in review class, must know nga naman sila. haha! nakakaloka.

naku. pwede ba ang pagpasa ng boards ay based na lang sa effort rather than scores? haha! :D

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