bloggy froggie wonders when she'll fall in love with this again.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

blogging about not blogging

i actually changed blogs right after graduating from med school, since i figured i needed some new blogspace to put my crazy post-med school thoughts and mini-adventures in. it still didn't fly.

i haven't been blogging as much as i thought i would. i'm not sure if it's because of the interface (na minumura ko hanggang ngayon. haha!), or the fact that i find it a -bit- difficult to customize (though my other friends seem to have theirs all customized), or the fact that no one is reading my blogger (since the whole world is on fb anyway. haha!), or maybe my primary impression: NOTHING IS HAPPENING IN MY LIFE, OR IN MY BRAIN. haha!

then i stumbled upon tumblr. haha!

i find it interesting that they advertise ease of use, as well as a platform to upload almost anything!!!!! :D :D :D it's like multiply in that respect, except that i have less friends here. hmmm, i have none. i also like being able to post links and pics that i wouldn't be able to post on facebook since it's too public. haha!

ironically, while i rave about the multimedia i can post here, i'm starting with text. hahaha!

so, will i fall in love with this tumblr as much as i fell for multiply in its heyday? there's only one way to find out. :)

(for frods and the blogger formerly known as HTGOF. haha!)


  1. akala mo lang yon! felt the exact same way about tumblr the first time i opened it! ask eliza! but it's faaaake! it's actually harder to upload stuff in a nice format!

  2. baka naman kasi super oc ka!!!! hahaha! :) ako... basta nagdownload lang ako ng cute na itsura sa tumblr tas ok na. haha! :) basta dun ko na iuupload ang aking mga not-for-facebook pics and links. mwahahaha! :D

    the blogging, on the other hand... ewan ko pa. haha!

  3. kathy I disagree haha ang fun kaya mag-blog sa tumblr. hence the blogger neglect. :))