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Monday, May 10, 2010

let the psychosis begin!

Okay, i've voted.

So it's time to get ready for the boards.

i have almost all the reviewers i need except for a few books i left in adriatico, one with donn mc, and one i have yet to order.

honestly, i'm in a state of panic right now. ang dami kong hindi alam, at ang dami ko nang nalimutan.

yung mga aaralin ko ba for these first weeks of review maaalala ko pa sa august?

so dahil wala akong alam, sayang ba yung effort ko ng limang taon?

makukumpleto ko ba reviewers ko?

papasa ba 'kong boards?

magiging NoyBi ba tayo for the next 6 years?

kakain ba ko ng dunkin donuts or krispy kreme after typing this entry?

fear and panic.

tinotopak na ko.


  1. All i can say right now is... Ikr...

  2. and for that i will add...another...IKR? ITA!

  3. for the record, kumain ako ng krispy kreme after this entry.

    i am calm now. i have taken a warm bath, and fed my virtual fish. (see right) please feed them too. haha!

    okay, so i'm calm but still psychotic. haha! :D