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Saturday, March 26, 2011

ang mga pangarap ng batang doktor

ever since first year med school, kasama na sa walang kwentang pangarap ko ay tumanggap ng buhay na manok mula sa pasyente.

but no, instead of a live chicken, i receive live crabs!!!! hahaha!

cooking them was an adventure- i had to call our cook at home to ask how to do it. then the actual cooking began.

sino ang mas tanga: yung boyfriend who initiated the nakipag-sword fight with a spatula against an irate crab and its lone claw, or the girlfriend na pumalit sa kanya? hahahaha! anyway, we managed to stuff the crabs in the pot- i did it at first, but then naawa ako when i saw them struggling, so i asked boyfriend to put the rest in. haha!

it was a good (free!) dinner. :D i love being able to bring home food i worked for, literally! :D :D :D


  1. i love crab!!!!! inggit ako!!!! yum yum. ang congrats with the successful crab cooking. professional stuff.

  2. tnx! haha! i didn't know your htgof was still alive- i thought you stuck with your spilled all over. :D

  3. dude! link my new blog!