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Monday, November 15, 2010

regression at its finest

now that preresidency is done, and the results are out, i've actually gone back to my pre-med school vacation lifestyle: regression at its finest! haha!

i love having an anime marathon, channel surfing, bumming around online on facebook, reading web comics, and wondering when the next time i'll be going out is. haha! :) i love being kaladkarin, and i love the predictability of it all. :) even having a very busy boyfriend is working in my favor- this is really pre-everything lifestyle. :)

i'm actually still not over the three hobbies that almost never come up in my happy-bumming around entries anymore: the glaring lack of video games (the hardcore ones, i still love my casual games!), books, or dancing in my life. i guess i miss them... otherwise they wouldn't be mentioned at all... haha! but they don't come as naturally to me as they used to. too bad.

i'm wondering if i should get off my ass and go for some mini-adventure that i'd never get to do once i start residency, or take the rest time and be a bum.

decisions, decisions. haha!

i love not being too tired to do what i want. but i'm also getting a bit bored. just a BIT.

ang sabi nga, nakakapagod maghintay. it's true.

i honestly still feel that i'm waiting for my life to begin. when in reality, it HAS.

my life can't begin FOR me; i have to get off my ass and do it.

after 5 more episodes of anime. haha!!!!


  1. hahahaha. regression is the best. savor while it lasts. :)

  2. hayyy. feeling ko nga hindi dapat e. hahaha! :) bow kaya ako sa inyong working classmates. honestly naduduwag pa ko. haha!

  3. parang kang... patient and psychiatrist in one dito. may resolution sa dulo. ahahahaha. asan ang tumblr mo?