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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

facebook: dangerous

so after 27 years of being totally dependent on my parents, i am suddenly entering -gasp!- the workforce. this is completely new to me, since i've been going to school the whole time my other friends who didn't become doctors were gaining their independence. i honestly feel every year of eighteen. eighteen!!!!! haha!

and along for the ride in this journey to independence is facebook. it's considered a roadblock to productivity and a waste of office network bandwidth- both of which are absolutely right. but besides that, there's the content. during med school (and college/high school/etc, had this been THE social network in existence), i'd really have said whether i studied or not, which lectures i hated (or not), which classes i actually attended, slept in, or faked signing the attendance in. ok, well, maybe not the latter. haha! bottom line, we've turned it into a confessional that might not be okay for coworkers, bosses, or even non-doctors to read. yes, WE.

i've had a friend who was fired over ym comments during work. so it really does happen. TMI? i don't think so. it could be where the TMI was shared. in the internet, the walls (and message archives) have ears, and anything you say or do online can and will be held against you. so that brings us to oversharing on facebook.

will you seriously let your seniors into your social network, where they can read about you complaining about your job? i don't think so. hahahaha! so the entire point of the social network is that you can share, but it looks like you can't anyway. this is so weird.

i guess this really is part of growing up now. your virtual world has to change along with you. ew. every aspect of you has to grow up and be responsible. hahahaha!

and i can't imagine what the perks of this could be.

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